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My name is Chandra Griffin, I am the Founder and CEO of Social Connections....


I launched my own B2B (Business to Business) entity several years ago to provide a wide range of administrative services to local business owners and managers. Those engagements have included on-call services related to technology, organization, documentation and accounting, as well as more complex function-based contracts and interim assignments involving human resources, sales and marketing, operations, training, event planning and customer service initiatives. 


The business has been widely successful, but – with only 24 hours in the day - I often found myself turning down assignments so that I could maintain the right level of dedication and quality for the clients who had already hired me.  An entrepreneur at heart, I began strategizing ways to grow and support my company. 


The answer to that challenge was the launch of my second division – Social Connections. The channel was originally concepted as a B2C (Business to Consumer) community service & network to assist small business owners, managers, emerging leaders, freelancers, entrepreneurs and other professionals looking to improve their services, products, skills and local impact. However, I quickly realized that the network could also address the talent gap that I was constantly juggling as the solopreneur and single employee for the administrative services division.


I came up with the idea to also layer formal training and certification processes into the Social Connections offering to help build a broad infrastructure of reliable professionals that could further support my original B2B admin firm. As a result, the Social Connections platform, which started as a social network offering basic services like resume writing, career and business planning has quickly evolved into a broader resource for job seekers and those needing career management, placement and recruiting. That includes part-time and full-time assignments through our administrative support division.  


Multi-division businesses can be complex to operate, but in the case of Social Connections – the core B2B administrative services support team and the B2C community networking entity – are 100% collaborative and complementary to one another.  In fact, I recently adopted the Social Connections brand for both divisions, and I am committed to making good on my mission to support local businesses, the community and its emerging leaders. 


Whether you are an existing business in need of administrative support or a developing professional looking to advance your skill set and network, there are countless ways that becoming part of the Social Connections network can benefit you. 


Join us!

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